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Wrinkles Wallace

children's book series by Marquin Parks

Meet Marquin

Marquin Parks is an author and educator in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Shortly after participating in the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, Marquin's debut novel for his Wrinkles Wallace series was released.


Marquin provides consultation services to classrooms ranging from elementary and major universities, to non-traditional learning environments. He lives and writes in Southeast Michigan.

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Knights of Night School

Follow the zany adventures of Wrinkles Wallace and his classmates who have to come together as a team to outsmart their teacher and pass 5th Grade. After all, they’ve failed it a number of times–so many that Wrinkles is already 28-years old!


The students deal with real world issues (and themselves) in order to overcome the antics of their diabolical teacher, Mr. Sittin’ B. Quiet. (By the way, he’s only ten.)


Join them in this upside-down world where non-stop humor serves as a guide to character building and success.

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Fighters of Foreclosure

Wrinkles Wallace and his crew managed to pass 5th grade, but this time in their topsy-turvy world, their now 11-year-old teacher (Mr. Sittin' B. Quiet) and his family find themselves on the verge of foreclosure.


All your  favorite characters are asked to attend a "Sleepover to Remember" to find some way to raise $22,000–overnight! Wrinkles and his off-beat friends team up again, adding a new member along the way, and, using their wits and determination, to try and save the Quiets' house before the bankers come on Monday.

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Book 2
Power of Parents

Follow Wrinkles Wallace and his quirky crew of friends in a brand-new adventure, even more hilarious than the last! This time, the characters accompany Wrinkles as he meets his parents for the first time in almost 30 years!


After passing fifth grade together, and then avoiding foreclosure of their eleven-year-old teacher's family home, the friends fly to Flint, Michigan to experience the "filthy rich" lifestyle of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace. Find out if Wrinkles and his pals will leave their old lives (and families) behind for a chance to pursue their dreams, while also becoming filthy rich.

Book 3
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"...a rarity, a cliche-demolishing, guffaw-out-loud, 5280 feet-a-minute ride."

Danielle Birdyshaw, Literary Coach

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